The articles in this special feature, written by Trudeau Scholars, contain their thoughtful reflections on various aspects of our 2015 conference “Fail, Adapt, Innovate: Institutions for a Changing Society.”

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Save the date now for our upcoming doctoral scholarship & research fellowship competitions.

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The Chairman of the Foundation Board, John McCall MacBain, joins the whole Foundation community in welcoming three new directors.

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The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is proud to announce that eleven new Trudeau mentors will enrich its community in 2016. These respected Canadians – active in the public and private sectors, in the arts, and in not-for-profit organizations – will build a special relationship with the 2014 Trudeau scholars.

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Congratulations to Lloyd Axworthy, Jennifer Stoddart, Denise Bombardier, Susan M.W. Cartwright, Rohinton Mistry, Kent Roach and Morris Rosenberg!

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The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation encourages research, reflection and action in four areas important to Canadians: human rights and dignityresponsible citizenshipCanada's role in the world, and people and their natural environment. The Foundation works through four programs: it grants doctoral scholarships, it awards fellowships to distinguished academics, it appoints mentors and it holds public conferences.