Developing sound principles and practices in the pursuit of a high level of stewardship, effectiveness and accountability is critical to the accomplishment of the Foundation's mission.


The Foundation deems it necessary and desirable for the members of the Trudeau community to travel, both across the country and around the world, in the name of research, learning, disseminating ideas, and networking, and also to spread the influence of the members and enhance the Foundation’s visibility. Through our different programs, the Foundation supports the members’ capacity to travel to increase their knowledge or benefit society.

Effective as of 1 September 2018:



The Trudeau Fellowship Program is designed to appoint intellectuals in the social sciences and humanities who join Trudeau scholars and mentors in building an innovative network of academic interchange and public engagement with a view to studying pressing social and public policy issues. This network is a hallmark of the Foundation and is essential to the success of the Foundation’s mission.

To ensure that Trudeau fellows have the means necessary to further this mission, the Foundation has elaborated its Engagement Policy for Trudeau Fellows. The engagement policy applies to the 2014 cohort of regular Trudeau fellows and to cohorts thereafter. It does not apply to visiting Trudeau fellows.


Adopting a Sustainable Development Policy allows the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation to clearly proclaim its interest in sustainable development issues and state  related objectives. The policy takes into account both the Foundation’s situation as a charitable organization with limited resources and the balance among our four key themes. For such a policy to succeed, sustainable development, environmental protection and ecological footprint concerns and responsibilities must be fully integrated into the staff’s tasks and functions. Beyond the activities that take place at the Foundation headquarters, we also hope to engage the members of the Trudeau community in environmental protection and sustainable development initiatives.

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The success of the Foundation and our programs relies on a reputation for integrity and transparency. The Foundation ensures that all our constituencies, including the Board, the Members, the officers, the staff, consultants, and program beneficiaries, are aware of the high ethical standards set out in the Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

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The Foundation internally develops and maintains a confidential list for the dissemination of all of our documents, including our Annual Report and newsletter. The Foundation will not give, trade or sell this list, in whole or in part.


The objective of the Foundation’s Public Interaction Program (PIP) is to enhance policy debates on major societal issues. A number of PIP events are held each year and contribute to intergenerational and interdisciplinary knowledge acquisition, transfer and exchange.

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The Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of our fellows, scholars, mentors, directors, members, employees, advisors and partners. The Foundation values the trust of those we deal with, and of the public, and recognizes that maintaining this trust requires us to be accountable and transparent in the way we treat the information you choose to share with us. Through our various programs and activities, the Foundation frequently gathers and uses personal information. All information collected by the Foundation is subject to the Privacy Act. The purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information held by a government institution and to provide individuals with a right of access to such information.

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The Foundation will respond to requests for non-personal information in accordance with the principles of the Access to Information Act to the extent applicable to the Foundation. Requests for information should be made by contacting the relevant program director directly in the first instance. Where disclosure of the information may be withheld for privacy or other reasons, Foundation program staff will refer the request to the President. Fees may apply.

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