31 May 2016

Kent Roach, a 2013 Trudeau fellow at the University of Toronto, an expert in constitutional law, and a human rights advocate, has won two prestigious awards with his colleague Craig Forcese for their work analyzing the balance between civil liberties and national security. First was the Reg Robson award, given by the British-Colombia Civil Liberties Association to honour substantial and long-lasting contributions to the cause of civil liberties in BC and Canada; second was the Canadian Law and Society Association’s book prize for Roach and Forcese's book False Security: The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-terrorism (Irwin Law Inc., 2015).

Congratulations to professors Roach and Forcese!

Kent Roach

A specialist in constitutional law and human rights advocate, Professor Roach has made his mark through work on security certificates in the wake of the war on terrorism and redress for the abuses of the residential schooling system.

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