19 September 2017

The 2017 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation fellowships: Innovative projects that are shaping the future of Canada and the world

Montreal, 19 September 2017 – The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is proud to announce the 2017 recipients of its annual research and engagement fellowships. Every year, the Foundation awards up to five fellowships to intellectuals in the humanities and social sciences who are recognized for their productivity, their commitment to communicating their findings to the public, and their ability to devise innovative solutions to some of the major issues facing Canada and the world.

This year’s fellows will conduct research on:

  • Indigenous water governance in Canada,
  • the protection of human rights in Latin America,
  • how citizenship evolves through private refugee sponsorship,
  • girls’ agency in fighting sexual violence,
  • and the reclamation of Arctic cultural heritage.

In addition to receiving a total of $225,000 over the next three years, each new fellow will enjoy unique access to the rich intellectual network of researchers and practitioners who have joined the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation community before them – 68 fellows, 139 mentors, and 214 doctoral scholars since 2003.

The 2017 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellows:

Karen Bakker, Geography, University of British Columbia, British Columbia - Professor Karen Bakker and her team are working collaboratively with Indigenous communities, advisors, scholars, activists, and artists to exchange knowledge on how to decolonize water governance and improve water security for Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Bernard Duhaime, Law, Université du Québec à Montréal, Quebec - Professor Bernard Duhaime’s project proposes to create a platform that will allow Canadians to learn from Latin American experiences protecting human rights and promoting reconciliation across nations.

Audrey Macklin, Law, Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto, Ontario - Professor Audrey Macklin’sproject examines private refugee sponsorship from sponsors’ perspectives. Macklin will learn about the motivations, experiences, and perceptions of individual refugee sponsors, as well as how sponsorship affects and mobilizes them as citizens.

Claudia Mitchell, Education, McGill University, Quebec – Under Professor Claudia Mitchell’s project, girls from seven countries around the world will meet and produce photography or smartphone videos about ideas and best practices to combat sexual violence.

Norman Vorano, Art History and Art Conservation, and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University, Ontario - Professor Norman Vorano will create the Arctic Cultural Heritage Research Network, a single, culturally-appropriate web-based portal enabling Northerners to share cultural knowledge and empower their communities by accessing Arctic cultural heritage collections scattered in museums around the world.

About the Fellowships

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation fellowships were established in 2003 to encourage original initiatives and innovative projects that would not necessarily receive support through traditional funding mechanisms. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation fellows are nominated by their peers and selected by an independent panel. Their research addresses one or more of the Foundation's four key themes and they help further the Foundation's objectives of building an innovative network of academic interchange and public engagement. Since 2014, each fellow proposes a collaborative project in which other foundation fellows, mentors and scholars participate. The call for nominations for the 2018 fellowships is open until 4 December 2017.