4 January 2015

A total of seven members of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation were appointed to the Order of Canada on 30 December 2015. This honour recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Included among the 69 recipients announced by the Governor General of Canada, are:

Companion of the Order of Canada

  • The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, 2007 mentor, “For his principled contributions to international human rights and for his leadership in post-secondary education, particularly in support of Aboriginal students.” This is a promotion within the Order.

Officer of the Order of Canada

  • Jennifer Stoddart, 2015 mentor, “For her international leadership in privacy rights and for her exemplary public service as the privacy commissioner of Canada.”

Members of the Order of Canada

  • Denise Bombardier, 2014 mentor, “For her contributions as a journalist, television host, author and champion of the French language.”
  • Susan M.W. Cartwright, 2013 mentor and director of the Foundation, “For her contributions to public administration in Canada and for her community engagement.”
  • Rohinton Mistry, 2004 fellow, “For his acclaimed work as an author of international renown.”
  • Kent Roach, 2013 fellow, “For his steadfast defence of the rights of Canadians, both as a scholar and as a litigator.”
  • Morris Rosenberg, 2005 mentor, president and chief executive officer, “For his sustained commitment to our country and for his effective and ethical leadership as a senior public servant”. 

Congratulations to the recipients!

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Lloyd Axworthy

He is the President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Winnipeg, formerly Director and CEO of the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia and Canada’s Foreign Minister.

2007 Mentors

Jennifer Stoddart

Former Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart is recognized as a global leader in protecting privacy.

2015 Mentors

Denise Bombardier

A journalist, writer, and commentator of Quebec and Francophile culture and politics whose renowned talent for polemics will add a non-conformist perspective to the Trudeau Foundation network

2014 Mentors

Susan MW Cartwright

Before retiring in 2012, Ms. Cartwright enjoyed a stellar career of three decades in the federal public service. From July 2009 until her retirement, she was senior advisor to the Privy Council Office.

2013 Mentors

Rohinton Mistry

He has enriched his readers' understanding of India, its society, cultures and politics, reflecting extensively on issues of human rights and responsible citizenship.

2004 Fellows

Kent Roach

A specialist in constitutional law and human rights advocate, Professor Roach has made his mark through work on security certificates in the wake of the war on terrorism and redress for the abuses of the residential schooling system.

2013 Fellows

Morris Rosenberg

2005 mentor, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation (2014 to 2018)

2005 Mentors