5 July 2016

Promoting a diverse workforce is not only ethical and right, but has clear strategic advantages, especially in multicultural Toronto.

Last month, the Pluralism Project, co-led by 2015 fellow Bessma Momani and 2015 mentor Jillian Stirk, initiated  a roundtable with leaders from various Toronto-based firms. Business representatives sketched a compelling list of reasons why companies can no longer afford to ignore diversity. 2015 scholar Erin Aylward speaks about the Top 5 in an article published in OpenCanada :

1. Clients demand diverse teams.
2. Diversity drives productivity.
3. Diverse teams perform better.
4. Markets are becoming more diverse.
5. It plays to our competitive advantage.

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Erin Aylward

Erin Aylward (political science, University of Toronto) is analyzing the influence of advocacy and international diplomacy on public opinion and political action in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2015 Scholars

Bessma Momani

Professor Bessma Momani is an expert on global economic governance issues, Canadian foreign policy, Arab Spring, Arab Canadians and Arab youth.

2015 Fellows

Jillian Stirk

Retired after 30 years of service in the foreign service, she brings strategic expertise in foreign policy and multilateral negotiations.

2015 Mentors