Patti LaBoucane-Benson

Study program:
Director of Research and Evaluation, Native Counseling Services of Alberta

Director of Research and Evaluation, Native Counseling Services

Being a part of the Trudeau Foundation has represented so much more to me than just a PhD scholarship. The Foundation has provided many wonderful opportunities: to engage with past and present leaders, intellectuals and artists who have contributed to the political and academic fabric of Canada, as well as actively participate in a network of new scholars who are committed to building a better society, scholarship and world. The new friendships, partnerships and ideas I have gained through this experience have shaped and will continue to influence the work that I pursue throughout my career. In addition, the financial support provided by the Foundation allowed for international travel, which has resulted in the development of research partnerships with Indigenous researchers and Health Organizations from Hawaii and Australia. Perhaps most significantly, as a result of all of these extraordinary opportunities, I have gained confidence in my abilities as a researcher and philosopher; I see myself as an important contributor to the development of policy and programs that will enhance the strength of Indigenous families in Canada. I feel very grateful to have been a part of the Trudeau Network while I completed my dissertation research.